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The Quest Continues

Van is now four years older and, presumably, wiser. He continues to share adventures with his pet Organoid, Zeke. He is also rejoined by Fiona, who still hasn't fully recovered her memory. Our merry band isn't the only interested party searching for Zoid Eve. The Guylos Empire and the Helic Republic are always on the look-out for any Zoid technology that will give them an advantage in battle. Now the Empire and the Republic must join forces to face a new threat. Will Van ever discover the secrets of Fiona's past? How will he and Fiona find time to continue their quest now that they've thrown in their lot with the Republic?

Episode 35: The Secret Mission

Episode 36: Sniper

Episode 37: The Blue Devil

Episode 38: The Steel Bison

Episode 39: The Invisible Enemy

Episode 40: The Zoid Hunters

Episode 41: The Devil's Maze

Episode 42: Raven

Episode 43: The Emperor's Holiday

Episode 44: Assault of the Mega Monster

Episode 45: The Wings of Darkness

Episode 46: The Devil of the Sea

Episode 47: A Monster Awakens

Episode 48: The Black Lightning

Episode 49: The Distant Stars

Episode 50: Attack of the Geno Breaker

Episode 51: The Boy From the Ruins

Episode 52: Van's New Power

Episode 53: Phantom

Episode 54: G-File

Episode 55: Supersonic Battle

Episode 56: Cerberus

Episode 57: The Nightmare

Episode 58: Attack of the Winged Dragons

Episode 59: The Capital Collapses

Episode 60: The Giant Fortress

Episode 61: The Great Sea Battle

Episode 62: The Gravity Cannon

Episode 63: The Final Battle

Episode 64: The Ancient Memory

Episode 65: The Zoid Eve

Episode 66: The Moment of Annihilation

Episode 67: Return to Another Tomorrow