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The Quest for Zoid Eve

A boy named Van from the planet Zi stumbles upon some ancient Zoid ruins and discovers two mysterious pods. The first pod contains Zeke, a very strange (and very small) type of Zoid called an Organoid. Zeke has the unique ability to merge with other (larger) Zoids, revitalizing and repairing them in the process. The second pod contains a young girl named Fiona who seems to have amnesia but is somehow able to read the runes carved in the Zoid ruins. Fiona learns from some runes that the key to understanding her true identity may lie with "Zoid Eve." Van agrees to help Fiona in her quest to find Zoid Eve, even though neither of them knows for sure what it is. Later they team up with Irvine, a rouge Zoid pilot, and a female mechanic named Moonbay. How will our merry band track down Zoid Eve? And can they prevent themselves from getting dragged into a Zoid war between the Imperial forces and the Helic Republic in the meantime?

Episode 1: The Boy From Planet Zi

Episode 2: The Mysterious Fiona

Episode 3: Memory

Episode 4: The Protectors

Episode 5: Sleeper Trap

Episode 6: Jump! Zeke!

Episode 7: The Battle of Red River

Episode 8: The Road to the Republic

Episode 9: The Valley of the Monster

Episode 10: The Mountain of Dreams

Episode 11: The Fog at Iselina

Episode 12: The Black Organoid

Episode 13: The Battle of Chronos

Episode 14: Wake Up! Zeke!

Episode 15: Deploy the ZG

Episode 16: New Helic City

Episode 17: The Longest Night of the Republic

Episode 18: The Defense of the City

Episode 19: Prozen's Conspiracy

Episode 20: The Resurrection Monster

Episode 21: The Charged Particle Gun

Episode 22: Farewell To A Friend

Episode 23: The Imperial Ring

Episode 24: A Voice From Afar

Episode 25: The New Liger

Episode 26: Memories of Zi

Episode 27: The Savoiur

Episode 28: Run, Wolf!

Episode 29: Heroes of the Sky

Episode 30: Moonbay's Waltz

Episode 31: The Three Guards

Episode 32: The Doom Machine

Episode 33: The Battle For Survival

Episode 34: The Capital Ablaze