Sin City (Klendathu)
a Roughnecks fanfic by Kai


"You, you did this to me? To your own daughter?"

Carl approached Kaela but stopped when she backed even further, "I never meant for Intel to take you. During the first years of my employment as a career officer, they required reports of your mother and your success in school, and I let it slip that you had telekinisis and perhaps psychic capabbilities. I tried to keep it from them, but they stole you, and I worked many years to find you, and was surprised when I was put in charge of the mental well being of the test subjects in Sin City. For years I've tried to expose Intel, but when they took you it became more than a moral obligation, but revenge. I'm sorry for what you've had to go through, but I promise, after this day, you won't ever have to worry about it happening again."

"How could you possibly promise me safety? And if you knew my last name, why didn't you just tell me?"

Jenkins shook his head, "If I told you, any chance of you remembering anything of your past would have been gone, and trust me when I say I was very tempted many times."

She collapsed to her knees as memories flooded back, and Trevor ran to her side concerned for her as a child would be, "Kaela, are you okay?"

She grabbed the sides of her head and cried out in pain, only drawing attention to them. Alex charged over extremely irate, and pointed the pistol at Jenkins, "You did this! I'm taking your ship! You stay right here!"

He started to make his way over to the transport, but Trevor tackled him and the pistol went flying. Alex was yelling at the top of his lungs, infuriated that Trevor of all people was trying to stop him. He flung Trevor a good fifty feet into the air, and Jenkins cringed as he heard the awful snap when both of Trevor's legs broke. Kaela was passed out, sprawled on the dusty ground leaving Jenkins to fight Alex by himself. "Alex! What are you going to do once you get off the planet? Where are you going to go? What are you going to do?"

These questions slowed Alex, but didn't interfere with his progression towards the ship. Jenkins followed slowly behind, and at quite a distance, " Alex, look what you've done to Trevor, his legs are broken."

Alex looked over his shoulder at the groaning Trevor, "He turned against me, I don't care what happens to him."

"Trevor's your friend though Alex. Trevor was only trying to stop you because he's worried about you, he doesn't want to see you get hurt."

Alex walked back towards Jenkins, pointing at Trevor to make a point, "If he was worried about me he would have helped me, but instead he listened to you! You're the cause of all of this mess! If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't be out here!"

Jenkins shook his head, "Alex, listen, if you come with us, I can help you, I can protect you from Intel, and they'll never be able to touch you or the others again, but we have to hurry."

"Then I go into that ship and you take me back to their head quarters and they run more tests on me, perform surgery and make me a mutant creature, and hide me somewhere even worse than Klendathu! I will not be won over by your words like Trevor was. He was mistaken, poisoned by your charm," and Alex looked at Trevor in pity, as if Trevor was a niave friend taken by the glamour of something dangerous.

Jenkins moved forward rather quickly, trying to get to Alex before he could use his telekinisis. Alex was however too fast, and threw him across the ground, his body leaving a trail in the dirt. Alex went back to Trevor, shook his head at him, and kneeled next to him, "Trevor, why couldn't you have just helped me? I know you and I could have made it."

Trevor stared up at him in the same innocent manner he looked at everything, "I'm sorry Alex. You aren't yourself though, you were Dr. Norrington, Head Doctor of the genetic experiment, you were my superior, you made the decisions, but now you're Subject 2 of 4, you're just another test subject. Jenkins though, he makes decisions, he's in charge of us, we should listen to him Alex, he knows what's best."

Alex turned ugly again, "I'm Dr. Alex Norrington, I am not Subject 2 of 4, Subject 2 of 4 died in year two of the experiment. I am Head Doctor of Sin City. Trevor, we have to get onto that ship before Intel comes or they'll take you away."

Trevor shook his head, "You're not Dr. Norrington, because only test subjects have telekinisis, you're Subject 2 of 4, and I'm Subject 4 of 4."

Jenkins carefully stood up, this was the second time within only a matter of minutes that he had been thrown, and it was starting to wear on him. Carefully he made his way over to Kaela while Alex argued with Trevor that he was Dr. Norrington.

Alex picked up Trevor's morita that had landed a couple of meters away from him, and he pointed it at Trevor, "Subject 4 of 4, go back to your room, we'll continue this discussion later when you're feeling better. We'll schedule an appointment with that psychic, Intel Officer Carl Jenkins, he can help you."

Trevor shook his head, "We're not in Sin City anymore Alex, we're outside in Klendathu's atmosphere."

"Of course we are, we're conducting experiments, you can breath Klendathu's air, let's see you run Trevor, see how long you can go today," and Alex readied the rifle.

"Alex, you broke my legs, I can't run."

Alex started to squeeze his finger around the trigger, "Prisoner 62 is no longer showing signs of progression, we'd better continue the surgery on Prisoner 528. Odds are good, within an 82% rate of success, none of the other prisoners are testing as well. What do you mean there's another agent found trying to infiltrate the City? Third agent means that Intel is coming, what's going to happen to us? They'll take Trevor away, I can't let them take Trevor. Kaela, what are you doing here? I've got to get Trevor out, he's all that matters..." he continued with jumbled sentences, a ramble of things that soon became gibberish.

He squeezed the trigger completely, and there was a deafening roar as a bullet finished Trevor, point blank, execution style. Kaela awoke, startled at the sound, and when she saw Trevor dead on the ground, she clawed at the ground trying to get away from Jenkins to go to him, "Trevor! Trevor!"

Alex stared blankly into the sky, the gun shot pulling him from his stupor, and he stared around wildly. He dropped the gun and stood up, backing away from Trevor's body. He turned and looked at Kaela and Jenkins, "What's going on? Where's Dr. Upchurch? What am I doing out here?"

Jenkins stood up, and Kaela crawled across the ground to Trevor where she picked him up and hugged him. "Alex, we've got to get out of here, do you understand? We have to get to the ship."

Alex looked over at the transport and nodded his head, "I think I understand, but what happened to Trevor, why is he on the groun..." another gun blast rang through the air, and Alex fell to the ground.

Jenkins spun on his heels, trying to figure out where the shot had come from. An Intel truck had snuck up on them while they had been trying to sort things out. A sniper had pulled the trigger on Alex. Jenkins pulled Kaela from Trevor's body, and they both ran to the transport, taking off as reinforcements began to arrive.

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