Sin City (Klendathu)
a Roughnecks fanfic by Kai


Radek's first impression of Trevor was that he was still like a child, but when the order of kill had been given, Trevor's whole demeanor changed. In the blink of an eye Trevor had grabbed Radek's firing arm and twisted it painfully upward. He let out a small noise as he heard bones crack, and then the hilt of the pistol was smashed onto the bridge of his nose in a blinding white light. He fell to the ground with a thud, and could only watch helplessly at the rest of the battle.

David and Trevor fought hand to hand, the viciousness of it a blur. Trevor started to lose the fight because he was also fighting an unseen battle with Kaela. David managed to kick him in the head which dropped him to his knees, and he lost his concentration long enough for Kaela to 'pin' him to the ground. Norrington had managed to get hold of the gun again, and he was pointing it at David. The other white coat, Dr. Ling, was curled up against the wall, and Radek was trying to see past the blood and tears in his eyes, cradling his right arm. Kaela was succeeding in her hold on Trevor, her telekinisis being stronger, and she threatened to squash his head if Norrington pulled the trigger. David stayed at bay, only waiting for the moment to pounce. Several minutes passed with no movement, and Radek counted them on the clock. According to Kaela's watch they only had an hour left. Norrington started to sweat, but his arm was steady, "I created you, I made you what you are, and now you're rebelling against me?"

Kaela shook her head, "You only made our lives miserable, and they weren't yours to begin with, you stole that responsibility."

Norrington growled, "What are you talking about Kaela?"

"My last name begins with a J, that much I can see, I'm still having troubles remembering things, but they're coming back. I remember you."

"You don't have a last name, you're Subject 1 of 4, alias Kaela, and of course you remember me, I'm the Head Doctor here."

"No, I remember you in the beginning, when we were brought here. You wanted the project to be yours, so you killed the Head Doctor."

"How dare you! My whole life I've tried to live up to Dr. Upchurch's name! I couldn't possibly have killed him!"

For what felt as an eeringly long amount of time there was silence, the strained atmosphere was so taught it seemed if anyone moved it would shread apart. Kaela began musing again, "My last name starts with a J. Kaela J...Kaela J..." she trailed off.

"The last time, you don't have a last name!"

Radek slowly drew himself to his feet. He had made a sling for his arm while they were talking, with the white tanktop, and had tore a piece of it off and was covering his nose. He made gestures of peace while saying, "Dr. Norrington, put the gun down, we're getting nothing resolved this way. I'm sure Intel will give you another project."

"No, they won't, they can't..." and Norrington started to whimper.

The door behind Kaela opened slowly. Jenkins, Tasker, and Bull Dog walked in carrying three working shock sticks. Jenkins didn't at all seem to be surprised to see them as they were, but a woah escaped Tasker's lips. Jenkins entered the room while Tasker and Bull Dog happily remained by the door. He put his hand out in a non-threating manner, "Alex, put the gun down."

This only seemed to anger Norrington even more, and found the shock stick extrememly threatening. Jenkins stopped his approach and set it down on the floor, "Alex, do you remember why I first came here?"

"It was for Kaela after her Section 8."

"No, I was here before that, do you remember?"

Norrington's face went into deep thought as Kaela's had once before. Radek showed a spark of understanding, but his disbelief was evident, "It can't be."

Norrington shook his head, "You were here for Kaela, after her Section 8."

"No Alex, I was sent for you, don't you remember?"

Kaela let go of her hold on Trevor, because he had been calmned by Jenkins voice.        Her's face flashed with comprehension, "I remember, he was implanted with memory codes after he killed Dr. Upchurch."


Jenkins put his hand up to silence Kaela, and she returned to her own attempts to remember, "Alex, remember when I helped you sort out your problems? I helped you to understand your new job, and to help direct the staff?"

"Yeah, year one started, I was the Head Doctor, and I put this project together, you helped me with the subjects."

Jenkins slowly got closer, "No Alex, Dr. Ling behind you is the Head Doctor, you needed him for the bay door codes even though you had the access key card to escape. I was sent here to help you."

Slowly Jenkins put both his hands over the pistol to gently take it away, "You requested in your memos almost five times to the project director to have me come, saying Kaela needed me here. I'm a friend Alex. I'm here to help you."

Norrington quickly pulled the gun away from Jenkins and backed up against the wall, "No, I'm Head Doctor, I'm Dr. Alex Norrington, in charge of the experiments..."

Jenkins shook his head, "You gave yourself that last name Alex, and you gave Trevor's his because you couldn't remember."

"No, Kaela's Subject 1 of 4, David's Subject 3 of 4..."

Jenkins nodded, "Trevor's Subject 4 of 4, and..."

"No, Trevor's last name is O'Day, and I'm Alex Norrington."

"Alex, can you remember anything before the tunnels, before Sin City? How you got here?"

"I was fresh out of medical school, and Dr. Upchurch's heart attack left me in charge."

"What school did you go to?"

Norrington stared blankly at Jenkins for a few minutes, and Radek realized they were quickly running out of time, a dwindling ten minutes before Intel would be bursting down the doors. There was a voice coming over the com from an incoming transport ship. It was T'Olis requesting permission to land.

In a sudden movement, Norrington forced his way through them while they were caught off guard by T'Olis' attempts to reach anyone in the control room. Jenkins picked up the shock stick again, "Tasker-Bull Dog, come with me, everyone else stay in here. Dr. Ling, let T'Olis land, I'm afraid he won't unless he's given clearance, but if you make him wait too long he'll burst his way through the doors and it'll be trouble for all of us."

Dr. Ling stood up, "What about Alex? He doesn't have a powersuit, and if the doors are opened the toxins in the air will kill him."

Jenkins rushed out the door, "Let me worry about that, you just give him clearance!"

Dr. Ling shut the door and secured it. David sat down in the lotus position returning to his previous docile state, Trevor stared curiously out the bay windows, and Kaela made sure Dr. Ling went over the approach procedures even though Norrington was still vulnerable.

Norrington shot wildly at the three of them, and Tasker began to complain that this wasn't apart of the deal. The three of them were hiding behind equipment and cargo boxes while Norrington ran around the truck making sure the red shirts had done everything he had asked them to. Bull Dog stared cautiously over the conveyor belt he was hiding behind, "I'll say that I'm a good fighter Carl, and even though he's a lousy shot, if I can't get close enough these shock sticks are no use."

Jenkins shook his head, "I'm still uncertain of what he means to do. He's upset and confused, but I'm afraid of his telekinetic power. Ever since he convinced himself that he's Head Doctor and not Alex Subject 2 of 4, he's supressed his gift, believing he's no more than a doctor. If he realizes the truth though, we could all be in trouble."

Tasker threw his hands up in the air as if surrending, "Great! We're stuck on some bug planet with a psychotic test subject who has unrealized God like powers! I don't remember the warden going over this."

Jenkins watched as Norrington walked over to the driver side door and opened it. He shot off a few more wild shots, more as a warning than anything else, and climbed in. Jenkins rushed out from behind the cargo box he was taking cover from. Norrington glared as he did so and Bull Dog's jaw dropped open as he could actually see the air ripple and make Jenkins go flying across the room. The garage doors opened, and Jenkins realized Dr. Ling was letting him go. Jenkins managed to pull himself up on his feet and ran towards the truck as it sped out of the hangar bay. He gave Dr. Ling a questioning look for his actions. The garage doors closed, but the launch doors opened and T'Olis landed the ship inside. He came out of the ship with wonder, "I thought perhaps you had left inside the Terran vehicle transport. Why are you still here? Intel has already commenced with their invasion."

Jenkins started to run back towards the control room, "Not enough time to explain, just prep the ship for takeoff. Are there powersuits on board?"

"Enough for six humans and three T'Phettians."

Everyone came rushing out of the control room, Jenkins helping Radek. As everyone started climbing into the ship Radek stopped Jenkins, "If I go with you my path is set, and I don't think I'm ready for that just yet."

Jenkins growled, "We don't have time for this!"

Radek pulled from his pant leg the e-notebook and handed it to him, "Take this, I'm sure you'd know better which hands could best utilize it, meaning if I gave it to Intel it would get 'lost', and I didn't get my nose smashed for a lost e-notebook."

Jenkins gave an indebted smile, "Thank you Radek."

Jenkins turned to go into the ship, but Radek stopped him again, "I never got to ask you, why do they call you Rat Man?"

He held up the e-book, "I thought that would be obvious."

"What are you going to do about Alex?"

"If there's still time we'll go see if we can convince him to come with us I guess."

"What about Dr. Ling? He let him go."

"I'll deal with Dr. Ling, you keep Intel at bay long enough for us to get out of here."

Radek ran back to the control room to wait for Intel to come find him.

With a rash explanation from Jenkins, T'Olis flew close to the ground following the road which followed a deep ravine. T'Olis kept disagreeing about the chase, saying they should give up the chase, the logic being founded in Intel's presence at Sin City, fearing they were going to be caught. After a few minutes they caught up with the truck, stalled next to the edge of the cliff, but Jenkins was hesitant to act, Alex had discovered his hidden abbilities. He left the cockpit to talk with the stow aways. "I'm going to need your help if we're going to convince Alex that he needs to come with us. Kaela, Trevor, David, Dr. Ling, you all knew that his telekinisis was much more powerful than any we've ever seen. He was even more advanced than you are now Kaela at the beginning of the project, who knows where his abbility is now. Perhaps we can combine forces to stop him, but it's going to be hard."

Tasker pointed to himself and Bull Dog, "You don't need us for this do you?"

Bull Dog shook his head at Tasker's lack of volunteerism, "I'll help you Carl if you need it, don't know what I can do, but you got us outta that place, so I figure we owe you something."

Jenkins waved his hand in dismissal, "No, I think in this you would be more of a liability, I just need Kaela and Trevor."

Dr. Ling stood up and pulled Jenkins aside, "Are you out of your mind? The reason I let him go was because there was only enough feul in that thing to get a few miles away from the bay before it went dead. The gages read full because they're broken. I figured this way he was isolated and contained long enough for Intel to devise a plan to retrieve him. Of course we knew his intentions were to run, and even if he had succeeded in taking Trevor, they wouldn't have gotten far, and speaking of Trevor-he's too volatile. Him and Alex bonded like I've never seen patients bond. When Trevor is alone he's fine and cooperative, but Alex has more control over him than you do I fear. I don't know what you're planning, but you'd be better off leaving Trevor here."

T'Olis shouted from the front, "Jenkins, the truck has stopped, do you wish me to land?"

"Yeah, but keep some distance from the truck if you don't mind."

Jenkins found some old morita smart rifles, the primary weapon used during OPC, and armed Trevor, Kaela, and himself. Only Kaela suited up seeing how Trevor was able to breath the slightly toxic air. T'Olis landed about thirty meters from the truck and Jenkins, Trevor, and Kaela walked down the ramp with rifles poised and ready to fire. Behind them Dr. Ling was madly protesting. On Jenkins directions, as soon as they were down the ramp, T'Olis closed the doors and flew further away, staying just within sight. The three approached the truck cautiously and were all surprised when the truck door opened. Out came Alex, frustrated to a boiling point, screaming at the top of his lungs and kicking the truck, for the moment unaware of the presence of the three. Apparently there had been a powersuit aboard the truck, and Alex made his way to the back to look for more fuel. Jenkins told Kaela to go to Alex's blind side, while he and Trevor would flank him.
Kaela stopped in her tracks, "Jenkins."

Jenkins looked over his shoulder at her, "What Kaela?"

She looked at Carl, "Jenkins, my last name is Jenkins."

Carl stopped as well, with dread in his eyes.

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