Sin City (Klendathu)
a Roughnecks fanfic by Kai


Radek watched as the transport took off, only seconds before Intel forced their way through the sealed doors. He had tried to clumsily explain what had happened, but Intel Officials took him for a confused agent who had been stupified by the horrors of Sin City. He had tried to stall them as much as he could, but a truck had been sent before he could stop them, and all he could do was stall their backup.

Kaela looked out of the small window of the transport down at the vast oceans, white clouds, and lush green continents thinking it was the most beautiful planet she had ever seen. Her and her father had made some amends, but the healing had only started. She went and sat next to Carl who conversed with T'Olis about the e-notebook, and what should be done about it. Kaela smiled at him with a sort of contentment, for the first time like an adult.

Jenkins returned the smile, "Thank you again for concealing Radek when he was searching the tunnels and David when he went to the hangar bay with your psychic abbilites, I know it's hard to do."

"Not for me it's not."

Jenkins started to prep for atmospheric entry, "Radek surprised both of us. I will say it was nice to be around someone who's thoughts were all their own, someone I had to actually get to know, but I still wonder, what was he really like?"

"Like all of us I suppose, afraid."

"I never got to ask you, what was your request to the 'council'?"

"To go home, even though I didn't know where home was. The ironic thing though, is that Radek really was my bonus."

Radek reported exactly what Jenkins had told him when they first arrived, then talked about his discoveries of the experiments and his efforts to difuse the problem. His report about the escape was vague which officials concluded was only a confused tale from a confused agent. Later that day the officials told him he was to receive accomadations for his job well done on infiltrating Sin City and saving the prisoners from untold experiments. Alex Subject 2 of 4 and Trevor Subject 4 of 4's bodies were misplaced and never seen again.

The next day Radek was released from the hospital with a small infection in his mouth, a broken arm, and a broken nose. He was given two weeks of R&R, and he went to his small apartment in Albany New York where he turned on the Fednet report about how Intel Agent Leif Anwar Radek single-handedly saved the day.

There were no more inquiries about Jenkins and T'Olis from officials to Radek. Radek feared they had been captured, seeing as several months had gone by and he hadn't heard any word.

Some time later a Fednet reporter named Robert Higgins broadcast about an Intel scandal, including human and bug experiments, and using prisoners to test the elective surgery of bug limbs. A SICON T'Phettian regent named T'Phar was interviewed about how he had gathered the evidence, an e-notebook connecting Intel to the project. He stated he only wanted better policing policies of their operations, and more involvement from the delegates for SICON from different worlds. The scandal was in head lines for quite some time, and several Intel officials resigned.

Months later the internal ranking system of Intel was broken apart, and new officials were voted on by the SICON regents. The top military researcher named David was an unknown person who rose up silently in the ranks-literally. Landing a position as Colonel was an agent who had received high recommendations from the previous Intel Command six months earlier, Leif Anwar Radek. Jenkins and his daughter Kaela later came out of hiding and became good friends with Radek. Radek and T'Phar, who Radek mistakenly called T'Olis every once in a while, worked side by side on many projects, where Radek discovered that T'Phar was the son of Colonel T'Phai, the first T'Phettian to come in contact with the humans. Jim Tasker and Eric Smith, or Bull Dog were pardoned for their selfless acts of heroism and became outstanding members of society, where Bull Dog was known to laugh about his rehabilitation.

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