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SonOfJoxer's BSG Fanfics (in no particular order):
The Confessions of Gaius Baltar (personal journal format)
1. The Truth About the Cylons
(Short Story, Rated T)
Summary: Baltar speculates as to how the Cylons first achieved sentience
and whether or not they have souls.
2. The Truth About the Holocaust
(Short Story, Rated T)
Summary: Baltar records his crimes of passion for posterity.

BSG: "They Find Earth" - Favorite Secenario: (screenplay format)
The Final Chapter
(Short Story, Rated T)
Summary: SoJ's Favorite Scenario for "When They Find Earth"
or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cylons.

"Lee Adama is a Cylon" Dradis.net Contest Entry: (screenplay format)
Unmade Plans
(Short Story, Rated T)
The Cylons have a Plan...and it's going badly...
Oh, and Lee Adama is a Cylon too. Coincidence? I think not.

Love Sprites Made Simple (essay format)
The Baltar/Six Connection in Plain Technobabble (Short Story, Rated K+)
Summary: Wherein SoJ puts forth his theory as to how and why Baltar and
Caprica Six are able to experience vivid hallucinations of each other.

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