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Robostrux were basically repackaged Zoids models which had already been released in Japan and the UK, only with nicer color schemes and different names. Like the European models, Robostrux were divided into two teams, Blue = Good Guys and Red = Bad Guys. In the case of Robostrux, the model parts for the "Blue" team really were blue and grey with red-tinted cockpits (where as the European "Blue" team was mostly made up of silver and dark grey pieces). The Robostrux "Red" team was mostly dark maroon and various colors of beige and brown with green-tinted cockpits. The European "Red" team, by contrast, was a really ugly bright red and silver combo with yellow cockpits. (ugh!)

The only significant difference between the US and the UK models in terms of team-color distribution is the Robostrux model, Brutox, which is a member of the "Blue" team. The European version (named Redhorn) is a member of the "Red" team. Below is a rough chart of the name changes:

Dinosaur Type
Robostrux name
= Reptex
Japanese name
= Gator
European name = Spineback
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Spartak
Japanese name
= Godos
European name = Trooperzoid
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Brox
Japanese name
= Zatton
European name = Zunder
Insect Type:
Robostrux name = Kreep
Japanese name
= Molga
European name = Slitherzoid
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Terox
Japanese name
= Gojulas
European name = Zoidzilla
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Brutox
Japanese name
= Redhorn
European name = Redhorn
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Gordox
Japanese name
= Gordos
European name = Gorgon
Pterosaur Type :
Robostrux name = Radox
Japanese name
= Salamander
European name = Krark
Mantis Type :
Robostrux name = Sekta
Japanese name
= Spiker
European name = Mantazoid
Dinosaur Type :
Robostrux name = Batlar
Japanese name
= Geruder
European name = Zaton
Dinosaur Type:
Robostrux name = Runna
Japanese name
= Merda
European name = Hellrunner
Scorpion Type:
Robostrux name = Stang
Japanese name
= Guysack
European name = Scorpozoid