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Special Thanks to Rodimus for posting this info.

David Palmer, VP of Marketing at Sony answers the fans questions:

Since the site has been up we have been getting a lot of questions about the show. Many of the questions have been the same ones over and over. So we took some of the more frequently asked questions and with help from our Intell sources we have asked David Palmer, VP of Marketing for Sony Family Entertainment the questions that are burning on the minds of fans everywhere. Please excuse the brevity of David's answers, he has a pretty busy schedule.

Q.When will we be able to see the complete 40 episodes shown in order? And when, if ever, will it be airing back on the Sci-Fi Channel?

A. We are working to complete all forty episodes by mid-January. There are no plans to put it back on the Sci-Fi Channel. We've licensed the show to Bohbot Kids Network (out of New York) and they are the syndicator. They had a deal with Sci-Fi.


Q. Are there plans for a toyline? If yes, who will be the manufacturer and when will they be available?

A. We are working on it although there is nothing set. Keep checking back from time to time and I'll let you know progress.


Q. Will there be a second season?

A. We are currently set to complete 40 episodes. If they do well, we'll see.


Q. Will there be a realease of an official soundtrack for Roughnecks?

A. Not at this point.


Q. Will the show every be available for purchase on VHS/DVD?

A. Yes. down the road.