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S.I.C.O.N. Mobile Infantry: Razak's Roughnecks


Lieutenant Jean Razak (M.I. - Squad Leader)

The fearless leader of Alpha Squad. Seasoned veteran of the Mobile Infantry, decorated for meritorious service ten times. No-nonsense leadership style, always tries to make sure the troopers under his command make it home alive. Left arm is a mechanical prosthetic.




Sergeant Francis Brutto (M.I. - Marauder Suit Specialist)

As second in command, Brutto is a somewhat ruthless task-master who believes that what's best for him is best for the squad. Has very limited amount of patience and almost no sense of humor, especially if you call him "Francis" to his face.




Corporal Richard "Doc" LaCroix (M.I. - Field Medic / Marauder Suit Spec.)

"Doc" is the only member of the team medically qualified to assess injuries, determine who can keep fighting and who's down for the count. Relatively laid-back, if somewhat stoic personality.




Corporal Jeff "Goss" Gossard (M.I. - Marauder Suit Spec.)

Ambitious trooper who plans on having a distinguished career in the military. Good navigation skills and consistently high scores in simulation training. Thinks it's good luck to hang out with Flores ever since she helped rescue him from a fatal fall down a ravine during the Pluto campaign. The proverbial "Red Shirt" and the "McGyver" of the team.




Private Juan "Johnny" Rico (M.I.)

Rookie member of the squad, distrustful of technology in general, trusts his own instincts to a fault. Doesn't realize it yet, but he has the potential to succeed Razak as Squad Leader some day, even though he's usually too preoccupied trying to impress his high-school crush, Carmen Ibanez.




Private Isabelle "Dizzy" Flores (M.I.)

Also a rookie member of the squad, girl who lied on her admissions test about her claustrophobia so she could play with the big boys. Has a unrequited crush on Johnny, but unlike Rico, figures personal relationships will sort themselves out after her tour of duty is over.




Private Carl Jenkins (M.I. - Special Ops: Telepathic Reconnaissance)

Was pulled from basic training by Special Ops division, underwent classified training exercises to utilize his psychic powers for sensing and combating Bugs telepathically. Carl was Rico's best friend in high school, also knew Flores before she joined the M.I. Rest of the squad avoids him like the plague because his telepathic abilities give them the creeps.




Private Robert "Paper Boy" Higgins (M.I. - Fed-Net Reporter)

Trained as a Federal Network reporter rather than a trooper, usually carries a camera instead of a gun. Bit of an outsider struggling to fit in with the rest of the squad, looks up to Rico like an older brother. Higgins is the narrative voice of the show, usually does the voice-over at the beginning and end of each episode.


(Other Recurring Characters)


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Lieutenant Carmen Ibanez (Fleet)

The object of Rico's unrequited affections. One of the best pilots in the fleet, qualified to fly a wide variety of craft. Clearly willing to risk her own life if she believes it will help save others.


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Major Zander "Big Dog" Barcalow (Fleet)

Fleet flyboy, bit of a glory seeker. Carmen's flight instructor and a potential rival for her affections (at least from Rico's perspective). Zander plays a crucial role in the Zephyr campaign.


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Private "Colonel" T'Phai (M.I. - Allied Forces: SICON Recruit)

A former Colonel on the Planet Tophet, T'Phai joins Alpha Squad just before the Tesca Nemerosa campaign. He must stay in his power-suit at all times since "Skinnies" are native to the planet Tophet and cannot breathe oxygen atmospheres. T'Phai is partially to blame for Carl Jenkin's extended medical leave and must struggle to earn the trust of the squad, especially Rico's.


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Commander Marlowe (Fleet)

Commanding officer of the Valley Forge, the starship to which Alpha Squad is initially assigned. Old-school fleet officer who was looking forward to retirement before the Bug War began.


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General Miriam Redwing (SICON Headquarters)

Former flame of Lt. Jean Razak, now a General at SICON Headquarters. A compassionate yet stern career officer.


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Doctor Sharaabi (SICON Medical Staff - Zegema Beach Hospital)

Stern and uncompromising woman who was in charge of Rico's rehibilitation after he was injured during the Tesca Nemerosa campaign. Planned to wipe Rico's memory in order to hasten his recovery (called a "Section 8" referal).


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Sergeant Charlie Zim (M.I. - Drill Sergeant)

Also a good friend of Razak's. Was a drill instructor at Rico and Dizzy's boot camp. Accidentally shot during a training exercise, Zim fully recovers and eventually meets up with the Roughnecks to become a member of Alpha Squad.


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Sky Marshal Sanchez (SICON Headquarters)

Top military brass of the SICON Forces. Has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice civilian lives if he believes it will help achieve victory.


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Lieutenant Earle Walker (SICON Intelligence Officer)

Intelligence officer who has an uneasy relationship with Razak and the Roughnecks. Seems to value intelligence data more than the human beings under his command who have to collect it.


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Blue Leader (SICON Intelligence Officer)

Blue Leader is the code name for the senior intelligence officer aboard the Valley Forge. This mysterious figure gathers intelligence data and coordinates communications traffic during planetary campaigns, constantly monitoring the ever-shifting positions of ground forces. The extent of his authority to shape campaign missions is unclear, but he most likely has the final say on troop insertion coordinates and munitions inventory.


(Honorable Mentions)


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Lieutenant Bernstein (M.I. - Squad Leader)

Leader of Zebra Squad during the Hydora campaign, managed to round together the remnants of various squads in order to hold off the Bug horde until Carmen Ibanez was able to pick up the wounded in a retrieval ship.


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Lieutenant Norris (M.I. - Squad Leader)

Leader of Echo Squad, a team which disappeared on a routine recon mission during the Hydora campaign. Norris and his troopers were captured by Water Tigers and cocooned in the Tiger hive until they were rescued by the Roughnecks.


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Lieutenant Ross (M.I. - Squad Leader)

Leader of Delta Squad who claimed that his whole team mysteriously disappeared on the planet Hydora before he collapsed into a coma. Carl Jenkins was ordered by Commander Marlowe to probe Ross's mind in order to find out what happened to rest of the squad. Risking his own mental health to retrieve the information, Carl discovered that the remainder of Delta Squad perished within the deadly grasp of a Brain Bug. Carl was ultimately able to save Alpha Squad from suffering a similar fate, thanks in part to Ross's recovered memories.


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C.H.A.S. (M.I. - Cybernetic Humanoid Assault System)

A robot which is assigned to assist the Roughnecks during the Tophet campaign. At first CHAS seems to behave erratically, putting the lives of Alpha Squad at risk, but later sacrifices itself to save the squad. SICON HQ ultimately decides that CHAS units aren't cost-effective and does not send a replacement unit.


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Lieutenant Rockford (M.I. - Squad Leader)

The leader of Zulu Squad, friend and mentor of Razak. If they broke the mold when they made Lt. Razak, then Lt. Rockford is the one who broke it. Lt. Rockford's left eye is a cybernetically grafted prosthetic.


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Lieutenant Andrews (M.I. - Squad Leader)

Leader of Cheyenne company during the Klendathu offensive. Was disappointed to meet Rico and Carmen (who were on a mercy mission) after he had repeatedly asked for reinforcements. After Rico and Carmen fought alongside "Andrew's Aces" to defend a trench against the Bugs, Lt. Andrews gave them a spare air filter which helped save Doc's life.


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Private Max Brutto (M.I.)

Yep, you guessed it, son of Francis Brutto, joins the Roughnecks near the end of the first season. T'Phai promises Brutto Sr. that he'll keep a watchful eye on Brutto Jr. Max immediately resents this parental supervision and generally acts like a brat. To quote T'Phai - "You are your father's son."