Where are the rest of the stories, you ask?

Good question! Unfortunately, I have only lame answers. This project was originally conceived as a multi-participatory venture, with all the fans chipping in to make the project happen. Writing assignments were handed out. Deadlines were dictated. Deadlines came and went. Roughly half of our all-volunteer force went AWOL! The co-author of the 2nd Season Series Bible bought the farm. Roughnecks fanfic forums were allowed to expire or otherwise discontinued. But the fans who stood by us and did their part actually did some top notch work and we simply weren’t willing to let it go to waste! Hence: the incomplete compilation station - the Roughnecks Vault. They did their part! Are you doing yours?

If you'd like to help
complete the story collection
hidden inside the Roughnecks Vault,
you may be interested in the following categories:

How did the 1st Season end?
2nd Season Series Bible

Characters, Bug List
Story Arc, World Settings

Psi Ops Recruitment Ad

Here is the official TO DO LIST (what remains to be done).