Psi-Ops Recruitment Ad

Tired of being burned at the stake for demonstrating your God-given psychic gifts? S.I.C.O.N. HQ is here to help you!

Our highly trained and dedicated PsiOps councilors are prepared to help you choose the education and career path that is best suited to your unique talents. Listed below are the various stages and levels of development you can expect to achieve with practice, patience, and extensive on-the-job training!

There are currently ten measurable stages of telepathic achievement, and specialists at every level are highly valued by S.I.C.O.N. Intelligence. While the S.I.C.O.N. Intelligence Bureau prefers to favor all levels of specialization equally, candidates must demonstrate a proficiency in each level before they can be allowed to progress to the next phase of their training. This ensures that each recruit will be trained to fit the precise niche which best reflects their interests and goals.


Proficiency Level 1S
Official Title: Sensors
Un-Official Term: Snoops (male), Eaves (female, short for Eavesdroppers)

Extra sensory perception is the foundation of telepathic achievement. While some telepaths may look down on ‘snooping’ as ‘grunt work,’ honing your extra sensory senses to listen in on other peoples thoughts is an essential Intelligence gathering activity within the PsiOps division.

1S Sensor Specialists are trained to stretch their sensing abilities to the limit. As of this writing, precisely what those limits are in terms of range and clarity are unknown! Required Courses: Chess Theory, Applied Military History.

Proficiency Level 2C

Official Title: Casters
Un-Official Term: Wizards (male), Witches (female)

One of the most essential phases of all telepathic instruction, Casting involves projecting images, sounds, and other sensations into the minds of others. Field training includes using psychic powers to confuse or disable the enemy.

2C Caster Specialists are trained in the intricate business of Paradigm construction, Iconography sharing, and other essential tasks that make it possible for telepaths communicate well with each other. Required Courses: Symbols Theory, Role Playing Game Design.

Proficiency Level 3H
Official Title: Hunters
Un-Official Term: Hounds

Hunter units are probably the most common and the most universally recognized members of PsiOps forces. Hunters are trained to utilize their remote sensing abilities to locate specific individuals and artifacts regardless of proximity.

3H Hunter Specialists are trained to detect multiple targets to gage enemy movements in the field. Hound units are also utilized frequently for search and rescue missions. Required Courses: Facial Anatomy, Paintball Strategy.

Proficiency Level 4B
Official Title: Blockers
Un-Official Term: Wall Bearers, Fence Sitters

Blocking is also an essential telepathic skill. A skilled blocker can even prevent psychic attacks upon others, including non-telepaths.

4B Blocker Specialists are constantly trying to invent new blocking techniques. It is very difficult for telelpaths to keep secrets form one another, or at the very least to hide the fact that secrets are being kept. Advanced deception techniques can require years of practice and study. Required Courses: History of Architecture, Advanced Balderdash.

Proficiency Level 5P
Official Title: Probes
Un-Official Term: Pirates, Pitchers

Probes are taught specifically how to work their way around psychic barricades. PsiOps candidates are always taught blocking in the previous stage because it is necessary to learn how telepathic blocks are built before one can go about tearing them down again.

5P Probe Specialists are geared specifically toward breaking down enemy telepathic blocks, particularly of the non-Terran variety. Required Courses: Art Of Warfare, Advanced Poker Strategy.


Proficiency Level 6R
Official Title: Readers
Un-Official Term: Rock Talkers, Dead Heads

Readers are often times graduated Probes who demonstrate a tested ability to detect the psychic residue surrounding inanimate objects. This is a highly specialized field which requires an extreme sensitivity to psychic energies.

6R Reader Specialists are often assigned to exploration vessels to aid in the investigation if past civilizations. Required Courses: Archaeology, Cryptology.

Proficiency Level 7D
Official Title: Divers
Un-Official Term: Brain Drains, Old News

Memory retrieval via telepathy can be as frustrating as diving into a lake to search for specific rain drops. Since every individual’s memories are structured differently, tracking down specific information can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned of PsiOps veterans.

7D Diver Specialists are typically trained in standard interrogation techniques as well as specialized psyonic memory reconstruction. Easily one of the most challenging yet rewarding specializations to master. Required Courses: Neurology, Basket Weaving.

Proficiency Level 8HL
Official Title: Healers
Un-Official Term: Shrinks

While not to be mistaken as substitutes for genuine medical care, Healers can ease the emotional pain an anguish of those suffering from a wide range of mental ailments, ranging from insomnia to clinical depression.

8HL Healer Specialists are often stationed in S.I.C.O.N. field hospitals but are trained specifically to address the special psychiatric care needs of fellow telepaths. Required Courses: Emergency First Aid, Advanced Empathy Techniques.

Proficiency Level 9ED
Official Title: Educators
Un-Official Term: Teachers, Gurus

Bringing out the telepathic potential in students is a delicate process that requires a complex balance between intimacy and detachment in order to aid others in developing their psychic gifts.

9ED Education Specialists receive additional instruction in research protocols and personality evaluation. Educators are encouraged to research new and emerging classifications of psychic giftedness. All PsiOps Academy instructors must achieve a proficiency of Level 9L or higher in order to be considered fit to instruct others. Required Courses: Applied Statistics, Applied Physics.

Proficiency Level 10TK
Official Title: Telekenetics
Un-Official Term: TKOs (stands for Total Knock-Outs)


Required Courses: Spoon Bending, Levitation.

NOTE: Conscription is COMPULSORY for any Civilian who tests at a proficiency Level of 1S or higher. Non-registered telepaths will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. No exceptions. This means you. Have a nice day.