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It's called a Stone Temple Daggit. Obviously!


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Congratulations! You have found the TOP SECRET Trojan Pulp Fiction Press Home Page! Don't you feel special? You should! Only a select few ever find this treasure trove of...strangeness. Seek, and ye shall find. Knock, and the door will be opened...but only just a crack. Now that you’ve got your foot caught in the door, why not come on in and sit a while?

The Trojan Pulp Fiction Press is merely the first step in an elaborate TOP SECRET plan to showcase the illustrations of an artist named Joel Andrew Hoekstra. For reasons unknown (even to him), Joel enjoys illustrating the covers of “pulp fiction” books which have never actually been written. It's really just a shameless ruse to get his artwork noticed by prospective clients. Shhhhhhhh! Keep your voice down! There's no need to advertise the fact that Mr. Hoekstra is always on the lookout for additional freelance opportunities! It simply goes without saying.

In the meantime, feel free to make yourself at home and browse through the Trojan Press Release Gallery. The TOP SECRET plan is well underway, so mum’s the word! And if you meet any Trojans along the way, mumble something about visiting the non-existant Battlestar Galactica Gift Shop before it closes, and pretend like you didn't even notice them.


If you are a (non-Trojan) prospective client with pressing fantasy/sci-fi illustration needs, you can email Mr. Hook to negotiate a price (paying customers only, please):


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