Sin City (Klendathu)
a Roughnecks fanfic by Kai


Hiding the e-notebook was quite a chore. Radek felt everything starting to bog down his mind, and all though most of his questions had been answered, there were still a few remaining. Why exactly was Jenkins helping him to exploit the dirty dealings Intel was involved in? Why did Kaela mean enough to Jenkins that he would underhand Intel to save her? What exactly were Dr. Norrington's goals with these opperations to make super soldiers? From what he could gather all subjects had telekinetic powers at least in the beginning. Was it Kaela then who broke through his psychic wall? Wasn't she the one who told Jenkins she hated psys when they first met? Where were the other two subjects being held? When exactly did Intel plan to come and raid the party? Would it be when he was supposed to be at the rendevous? He laid down on the bed rubbing his cheeks, the pain had returned. He ended up reminding himself that he was still no investigator, that the only reason was that he was used for infiltration was because he used to be able to block psys from picking his brain. Just as he was on the verge to sleep he mentioned aloud to himself, "Three's my lucky number now."

Dr. Norrington was staring at a sleeping man in a rather large living area. His balding head reflected the dim backup lights. He rubbed his eyebrows and sighed, only twenty-four more hours before Intel would come in and stop his experimenting. Eight years ago when he agreed to help, come to Klendathu, give up his life to create a super soldier that no one could stand up to, he had been green from the medical field. Unexpectedly the head doctor had died of a massive heart attack in the first year, and the project had been given to him. Now he was head doctor, and his whole life had been put into this project, and in twenty four hours all of it was going to be taken away from him. "Sin City" had become his home, and he had already given up home once, he didn't know if he could do it again.

The man on the small bed stirred a little, but fell again into sleep, and Dr. Norrington couldn't help but feel betrayed. He was staring at Subject 4 of 4, Trevor O'Day. His loose forest green tanktop made him look smaller than he really was, and the charcoal BDU pants were neatly folded and put on the small desk. On the surface he was a healthy twenty-six year old, his dark skin soaking up the lights, but underneath he was the beginning of something big. The only sign that he was different was the slight discoloration of his jowls. He had almost lost Trevor when suspicions of a spy started to drift to Command. Eight years of work and planning, and here he was, Norrington's own masterpiece, but no one would understand, no one could understand. They would say it was inhuman and take him away. They would say Norrington was a monster, but all he was doing was improving upon something, making it better. It was like an upgrade of a machine, just simply that. He was the artist, and Trevor his canvas. He was Michaelangelo, and Trevor the Sistine Chapel, and they were going to take him away.

"I brought this upon myself by requesting T'Olis come to make the report on my progress. Of course it would be T'Phettian that would be a spy," and his ears went red as they always did when he got mad, "but they won't uproot me again, you and me Trevor, we'll either fight to stay here, or we'll go somewhere else, but they won't take you away from me. Not again."

Trevor drowsily opened his eyes and looked at Dr. Norrington, he sat up, "Is there something you need Doctor?"

Norrington shook his head, "No, go back to sleep, I was just going over some pressure tests in here."

"Oh, okay," and he laid back down and fell asleep.

Jenkins had never felt this uncomfortable in a powersuit. About him methane swirled in the air, and T'Olis sat listening quietly to the other two T'Phettians complaints. Rae'Mar was going on more like a human would about the complications of the third agent, "How did they catch on that their was an information leak anyway? I didn't work six years of my life for all of this to backfire on us! I told you it was a bad idea to have a human as a contact!"

Jenkins didn't take insult to this, he usually never did, he had grown accustomed to being nothing more than the human. It did always bother him however when they talked about him like he wasn't even in the room. Y'Lau smiled, any trace of a T'Phettian accent gone, "Rae'Mar, I would say T'Olis and Jenkins are the skinnies and we're the humans. Designating blame won't help us resolve this matter."

Rae'Mar stared in disbelief at Y'Lau's usage of the word skinny. Y'Lau waved his hand at Rae'Mar in dismissal, "Oh come on, when we were tagged skinny it wasn't meant as a derogative term, only an observation at our body type. Anyway, the question at hand is will the agent expose Intel?"

T'Olis looked at Jenkins, "Only our friend Jenkins can answer this question for us, I had not long been in the company of this Rae'Deck. Even if I had I would not be a good judge of human character, and my efforts futile. Jenkins, what is your opinion?"

"I'm not sure. He seems eager to help, and quite curious to know what truly is going on here, but in my long relationship with Intel, I know they have a powerful influence over their operatives. They know how to make you give up just about anything for them. Yet, it might be better if he just goes along with their plans, because if Intel is exposed, people will want to know what made them go to such desperate actions to coverup, and that'll point to us. Are we ready to take that kind of responsibility?"

Rae'Mar stood, "I have been ready for that responsiblity for six years, and if you will not take action to help us dispose of this plague, then I will no longer take council with you."

Y'Lau stared at Rae'Mar intentively, "Sit down, your theatrics are not welcome. I think in some aspects the humans depend on Intel for their defense, but on the other hand, our main goal is to stop some of the scientific license they take when they experiment. We can all agree that the complete extermination of the bugs is our goal, and it should also be that of Intel's. This DNA splicing and experimental surgery must be stopped, and all together we have accomplished this task. If Intel is not made responsible however, there will continue to be more and more cases of this happening. Normally I would say that the expense of shutting down a program in the way they plan to do so would be quite a hard blow to any organization, but they have tasted success with Subject 4 of 4, and that is enough for anyone to continue. If we do not exploit Intel on this, who knows when another chance will present itself?"

T'Olis nodded in agreement, "I believe Y'Lau is correct in this matter."

Rae'Mar smiled, "You already have my vote."

Jenkins sighed, "Then I will come up with a contingency plan incase he folds."

Jenkins got up to leave, and T'Olis stood as well, "If you do not mind, I would like to escort you to the air lock chamber."

"I would be grateful."

They walked down one of the long vaulted corridors down to the air lock. Before Jenkins could enter, T'Olis stopped him, "I am sorry I could do nothing more for Kaela, you must now depend on Rae'Deck, and for that I am truly sorry, for Rae'Deck is a stranger."

Jenkins shrugged, "I feel I am at the end of my rope, but I've depended on the kindness of strangers before, I can do it again. Though the advice I offer now is never to make a habit of it."

"We have been friends for a long time, do you think my council wise in this matter?"

"Yes T'Phar, your father would have been proud of you."

"I thank you for your compliment, but it is not wise to say my real name here."

"Yeah, I know. Don't wait too long to get on the transport, get off of Klendathu as soon as you can," Jenkins walked into the air lock chamber and stared at T'Olis as the pressure equalized with that of the human living quarters, and the other door opened.

T'Olis gave Jenkins a thumbs up before he walked away.

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