Human Beings Are Like That
a Roughnecks fanfic by Mr. Hook

T’Phai stood outside the Tophet Embassy Suite at 0530 hours. Plenty of time before he had to report for duty at 0600.

He looked up at the stars still sprinkled above the Earth’s night sky. But this time T’Phai saw more that just stars. He saw fleets of ships -- Skinnie ships. Colony ships. Science exploration vessels. Cruise ships. Ferries. Yachts. Yes, and even battle ships, the largest fleet of war cruisers the galaxy had ever known! And each and every ship was helmed by a Skinnie captain. Any invader would think twice before messing with that lot!

He could also imagine the entire fleet being constructed in absolute secrecy deep within in the Dark Zone of his homeland. A vast armada poised to strike without warning, ready to come to the aid of the Humans in their darkest hour of need.

For the first time since his mate had gone missing, T’Phai laughed out loud. A Skinnie Fleet! What nonsense! And yet...hadn’t Ray’Zak admitted as much that such dreams might some day come true? T’Phai stretched out his arms toward the starry sky in a gesture of invitation. He was no longer afraid of the night.

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