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submitted by BabyDoc

submitted by BabyDoc

T'Phetti "Hammerhead" Starship
submitted by T'Clar

Subject: T'Phetti Skimmer Mech
Topic Search Results: SICON/Mobile Infantry/Mechs/Marauder Class/Prototypes/T'Phetti

After several awkward (and sometimes disastrous) experiments which attempted to adapt the humanoid mech-walk interface to the unique physiology of T'Phetti M.I. recruits, it was decided that an airborne version of the Marauder class mech might be easier for Skinnies to pilot. The main difficulties to overcome were fuel efficiency and temperature control. The three miniature Skimmer motors attached to the rear and sides of the craft required the installation of three separate fuel cell compartments which were nestled behind the cockpit. The cockpit itself required an unusually powerful ventilation and out-gassing rig to keep the interior of the craft from overheating. Though the Skimmer Mech appears front-heavy, the craft's center of gravity is located aft near the rear landing gear where the bulk of the T'Phetti atmosphere generator is housed.

The manipulator arms went through several refits. Ultimately is became clear that Skinnies preferred their gatling guns to be aimed via a ball & socket mounted mech arm. It took several trial runs for the Skinnies to prove to SICON engineers that their own hand-eye coordination was just as good (if not better) than the complex heads up display typically installed in the Marauder class. The manipulator claw was designed to resemble a Skinnie's hand. The slicing and dicing action of the knife and drill bit were an afterthought, but an important one when faced with the prospect of holding a Bug at arm's length.

Other features included a small top-mounted tachyon array which proved necessary to penetrate the unusually dense magnetic interference typically encountered in Tophet's atmosphere. Also, a homing beacon / warning light was attached to the top in the rear in case the com array was damaged or ran out of power. The side mounted missile launcher had considerable range but limited ammo capacity. Conventional ammo caches were also mounted on the side of the craft with feed hoses connected to the gun arm. The door of the cockpit swiveled at he base to allow the pilot entry and the pilot seat was designed specifically with the comfort of the Skinnie body-frame in mind.

submitted by Mr. Hook