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T'Phetti Pet Design #1
submitted by T'Clar

T'Phetti Pet Design #2
submitted by T'Clar

Subject: T'Phetti Orbital Bombardment Platform
Topic Search Results: SICON/Interstellar Warship/Orbital Bombardment Class/T'Phetti

The T'Phetti Orbital Bombardment Platform was the end result of repeated attempts by T'Phetti engineers to create a craft capable of planetary bombardment from the relative saftey of orbital distances. The strategy for deployment was developed in response to the inability of SICON forces to prevent the Bug Queen from escaping her heavily fortified underground lair hidden on the planet Klendathu.

The funnel-like shape at the top of the platform housed the ore processors which broke down collected asteroids into sizable chunks of concentrated iron which could then be routed to the maglev array at the tip near the bottom. The origial specs for the ore pocessor were intended to manufacter metalic "masses" which could rupture the surface of Klendathu without burning up in the planet's relatively thin atmosphere. Homing beacons were placed deep within the iron "masses" for guidance purposes, though there was little one could do to alter the course of the massive artillery once it was fired. The maglev array had to be perfectly alligned with it's intended target before it dropped it's payload. This procedure required, of course, a highly skilled ground-based detection and assessment team to place the tracers for the homing beacons.

While created specifically for use against the planet Klendathu, this Orbital Bombardment Class craft could easily cause mass extinctions if it were to be utilized against a more fragile ecosystem (such as that of Terra or Tophet), which is why the "mass driver" technology was banned by the Geneva Convention in the aftermath of the Second Interstellar War.

submitted by Mr. Hook