None the Wiser's 2D RPG Maps

My H3 Pyramid of Shadows maps are kit-bashes from Fat Dragon Games dungeon tiles and textured templates that I created myself in Photoshop. These maps are scaled to 1/2 Inch = 5 feet since that's the scale we were playing at when we started the Pyramid of Shadows module. Unfortunatley, we switched to a Forgotten Realms campaign shortly after we started playing this module and never finished, so I stopped churning out maps after I completed Level 1 - Area 9. The Rose Quarry was from a short-lived Eberron campaign.

H3 Pyramid of Shadows: Level 1: Areas: 1-9 / Rose Quarry

None the Wiser's Seamless RPG Mapping Textures

World of Aereth: Elaboration on the King's Highway

Shandul'Ki: Regional Map (full-sized large image)